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"I knew exactly who to go to for support!"

"I was never interested in makeup, but once I became a CEO and started speaking at events and creating video content, I knew that it would be necessary to get comfortable with. Luckily, I knew exactly who to go to for support! Natalia is so fun to work with because for her, it's about much more than makeup. She helps you understand yourself better as a human and uses makeup as a way to communicate your power as a woman to others. I would highly recommend Natalia to other women interested in learning more about makeup and self-care!"

Alexis Quintal, CEO of Rosarium PR & Marketing Collective

"Natalia was the light to help me see this."

This...this: "I arrive dressed in black, perhaps a little 'bland' because the session is about you, and how I can encourage and support YOU; it's not about me."  Who does that anymore!!?   And she delivered!  Every moment we were together, I felt that attention.  I gained a lot of little tips, but most importantly, I had a big "Aha!" moment: I was not valuing myself...in time I spent on myself, in the quality of products I used, and even from where I sourced those products.  Natalia was the light to help me see this.

Karri Godec, Senior Project Manager

Our Philosophy

Being a woman is a full-time job. Each day is a juggling act of the hats we wear, problems we solve and our capacity to give. As high performers, we show up in BIG ways for our responsibilities and often neglect our responsibility of self.

The Glow is not here to blame you for not prioritizing your needs. Instead, we believe in equipping you with the blueprint, tools and systems to put your needs on auto-pilot. Yes, you read that correctly. Taking care of yourself is as simple as having the right processes in place.

Those drawn to the Glow are seeking a safe space to discover, master, care for and express themselves. Like you, they desire to be in alignment with the person who shows up daily versus feeling like an imposter or robot in their own skin.

For those ready for full transformation, our VIP days are designed to bridge the gap between who you have been and who you are becoming. We utilize our 5 Pillars of Authenticity framework to provide a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished and how to accomplish it.

With 12 years of experience in makeup artistry, Natalia is your guide to expressing with the kind of confidence that only comes from doing the work. Good news is, it's the fun kind.

Aleksandra Ester
Women's Costume, 1918


"For a day, I wasn't the one making all the decisions..."

"Meeting and working with Natalia was a wonderful experience!  She was very thorough, supportive and encouraging during the makeup lesson.  As someone who is not very good at make-up, and actually dreads the attempts, I found myself enjoying the lesson. The way she explains, not only the techniques, but the importance of making it a great experience, really helped to put me in a better frame of mind to receive her teaching and have a new outlook on makeup application."

S. Stallworth

"Energetically aligned. Intuitive. Caring. Gentle. Brilliant. These are a few of the many words I would use to describe Natalia. For a day, I wasn't the one making all the decisions. I allowed Natalia to intuitively paint on a canvas (my face) to express my beauty through her eyes. Thank you, Love, for a wonderful, relaxing time."

S. Sparks

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Natalia Barlow

I believe in living life on your own terms and this includes the way you present. I am the Avant-Garde Woman.


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