About the ARTist

"Who I aspire to be, inspires me, to give my all, entirely."


Creative & Devoted

I am a woman of many passions, gifts and perceived flaws, but at the core of my being, I am a creative. To take something, dismantle it to an atomic level and reassemble it into something that shows its vast complexities is one of my greatest pleasures.

Communication of truth has always been my guiding light. I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Florida on a Speech Pathology track because a person I knew had a stroke my freshman year and lost their ability to speak.

This desire to assist in the rehabilitation process of an individual was a driving force for me until I began expressing myself with makeup and others began to take notice. Fairly quickly I became the friend you wanted to get ready with because I’d watch you apply your makeup and give tips for how to do it with more ease and precision going forward.

Although some of my greatest career accomplishments include applying makeup at sunrise at Stonehenge, UK, applying makeup to the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship Winning Coaching Staff and providing ARTistry for on-air talent for years, I am most fulfilled by the transformational conversations and moments of truth while in my care.

To take individuals, uncover them to their essence form and express what I have learned to be true about them with color is by far one of my greatest pleasures.